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Hits 94.3 Special at Hayward’s

2019 chevy bolt


Check out the Hits 94.3 Special at Hayward’s Ocean Crest Chevrolet, a 2019 Bolt Premier Electric Vehicle. If you’re ready for a car that’s lower maintenance, and doesn’t require gas, but still looks and feels good, you’ll want to check out this car.

What’s on your list of must haves?? Roadside assistance? Five star safety rating?? Remote start?? Leather? Heated seats?? Android Auto or Apple Carplay?? 119 miles to the gallon?? AND!! The 2019 Chevy Bolt features Fast Charge capability!

Hayward’s Ocean Crest Chevrolet has an AMAZING deal for you! Stop in and ask to see the 94.3 Special  2019 Chevy Bolt Premier Electric Vehicle for just $33,865 after manufacturer’s rebates. With  $9,000 in total incentives, you won’t want to miss this opportunity. The Chevy Bolt features an amazing 238 miles to a single charge! When you compare that to gas, it’s like getting 119 miles per gallon! Can you imagine? The 94.3 Special at Hayward’s Ocean Crest! (stock number CP19-10).